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Does Marketing feel like this to you? A desperate search for hidden riches




What we do…

  1. We learn from you about your company.
  2. We look at what you are doing, have done and haven’t done to marketing your business.
  3. From there we put together a systematic plan to increase the amount of business your company receives.

The end result is that you get more customers while spending less time managing the marketing efforts of your company and less money guessing at solutions so you can spend more time working and earning money.

But getting you more customers is only the beginning of our services.

  • We also help you get better at closing jobs.
  • We help you stay on top of other “running the business” functions too.
  • In short, we become a true partner in your company’s success.  And the catch is…

There isn’t a catch – not even the cost of the service.  The most common response we hear is:

That’s it?  That’s all it costs?

Many tasks, including marketing and business development, bookkeeping, etc. are done because they are a necessary part of running a business, not because you want to spend time at 10pm deciding which marketing efforts might work.

What keeps many business owners up at night are all the things they aren’t doing, or aren’t doing well.  “I could probably get more clients if I…” and,” I wish I had more time to…”

What keeps you up at night?  What do you wish you had more time to do to grow your business. A plumber we know put it best.

  “I’ve spent 20 years working to become expertly skilled in my trade compared to the little time I’ve dedicated learning how to market my services.”

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