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We only benefit when YOU benefit so we are true partners in your business.

Our Motto: We do the busy work so you can be busy with work.

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to perform business development that delivers jobs (not leads), as well as provide business operations support for high quality companies so they can focus efforts on providing exceptional service to their customers.

Primary Goal:  Our goal is to continue developing our healthy, long-term client-base where together our company and our clients realize profitable growth as a result of our business development and operations support.

Company Background:  Busy With Work was founded to fill the gap in services needed by skilled trade professionals to help them grow and run successful businesses.  The company’s founders also recognized that the skilled trades are not serviced properly by other marketing companies.

Other marketing companies sell marketing as “products.”  This requires that a business owner buying their marketing services knows exactly what they need and what works so the business owner can make an educated purchasing decision.

Busy With Work
Buy this website for this much.
Buy that advertising for that much.

Then the marketing company gets paid and moves on.  Whether their marketing product works or not doesn’t matter as the transaction is complete.
Also, most marketing companies have an unfair upper hand.  Many skilled trade professionals are skilled in their trade, not in marketing.  Therefore, many make marketing decisions based only on if they like or trust the sales person, not based on potential effectiveness of a solution.

How We Are Different:  We do not view marketing services as a product.  Rather than “sell” you something, we take charge of your marketing activities so you can stay focused on doing the work that gets you paid!
o Our upfront costs are very low – far cheaper than buying the services we provide directly through a traditional marketing “product” company.

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